Properties of E-marketing plans

Modern electronic marketing tools are planned to achieve your goals, whether you are an
individual, an organization or a company

Our work with our customers in e-marketing plans consists of four axes:

1- Market Study: The strengths and weaknesses of the client and the competitors, which
helps to outdo them.
2- Specific and clear objectives: Define plan goals and identify target customers.
3- Plan of action: year-round marketing cycle Schedule.
4- Assessment and development: follow-up of variables on markets and competitors and
analysis of results for development.

Properties of E-marketing plans

1- Creating a complete marketing plan on social media pages and agreed marketing
2- Identification of the marketing message to be disseminated to the public.
3- Setting the objectives of the marketing plan on the electronic channels.
4- Identifying the target audience and analysing their needs.
5- Analysis of competitors: identification and direction of the three most important
competitors, strengths and weaknesses.
6- Extraction of strengths and weaknesses of our clients and competitors.
7- Processing of marketing tools to be used in the business plan.
8- Selecting the appropriate marketing channels based on the target audience.
9- Identifying the appropriate strategy to attract customers and creating interaction with

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