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Targeted Instagram campaigns – Go Message

Targeted Instagram campaigns

Setting up a targeted advertising campaign with us, goes through a number of stages, to
achieve the highest results of the targeted advertising.
First: Advertising campaigns preparation
• Studying the product or service and selecting the appropriate advertising campaign.
• Designing the advertising campaign.
Second: Setting the goals of the advertising campaign on Instagram
So far, there are only two types of targeted ads that are offered by Instagram to target their
• Website Click Advertising, whose goal is to get clicks for the website
• Mobile app Install ads, which are intended to obtain downloads for phone applications.
Third: Identification of the target group
• Geographical area: Locate your audience accurately: Country, city, Governorate…
• Age group: Men or Women and age determination…
• Interests and languages: Select the interests of your audience and their mobile languages
Four: Determination of the time period
We specify the appropriate time period for the advertisement to appear by Target group, for
each ad campaign, in an individual manner.
Targeted advertising campaign price
The success of the targeted advertising campaigns requires:
• Innovative marketing tools (purposeful marketing phrases, attractive designs, expressive
• Professional management, leading the advertising campaign towards its goals.
Because of the difficulty of setting a fixed price under these requirements, we put a separate
price for each targeted ad campaign, after studying the expected results of the campaign per client

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 Instagram Advertising campaigns

Instagram Advertising campaigns target specifically those who want to gain more followers
and interact on their accounts on the application of Instagram; through campaigns, we have
assigned to you to choose the ones that suit you to publicize your accounts

Instagram campaigns followers

Bringing real target followers to your account from 1500 to 12,000 followers

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Instagram campaigns Views

• Bringing views to your Snap Chat account
• 2000 to 10,000 views

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