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Twitter Targeted campaigns – Go Message


Twitter Targeted campaigns


Setting up a targeted advertising campaign on Twitter with us goes through several stages,
to achieve the highest results, through targeted announcements.
First: advertising campaign preparation
• Studying the product or service and selecting the appropriate advertising campaign.
• Designing the advertising campaign.
Second: Setting the goals of the advertising campaign on Twitter
Targeted advertising campaigns on Twitter are divided into six types:
1- Campaigns interacting with your content.
2- Campaigns to increase the number of followers.
3- Campaigns to increase website visits.
4- E-mail collection campaigns.
5- Mobile applications download campaigns.
6- Campaigns to increase videos’ viewers.
Third: Identification of the target group
• Geographical area: Locate your audience accurately: Country, city, Governorate…
• Age group: Men or Women, and age determination…
• Interests and languages: Select the interests of your audience and their mobile languages
Four: Determination of the time period
We specify the appropriate time period for the ads to appear by the target group for each ad
campaign, in an individual way.
Targeted advertising campaign price
The success of targeted advertising campaigns requires innovative marketing tools
(meaningful marketing phrases, attractive designs, and expressive videos), as well as a
professional management, leading the advertising campaign towards its goals. Due to the
difficulty of setting a fixed price under these requirements, we are putting a separate price
for each advertising campaign individually, after examining the expected results of the
campaign for each client

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 Campaigns to set a Twitter account 

Establishing a Twitter account
Campaign content
– Designing a modern and attractive Twitter cover with consistent colours.
– Designing a consistent profile with the cover.
– Registering a new Twitter account with the installation of the cover and the image of the
– Adding 15 categorized tweets, retweets, preferences and responses to 15 tweets from 10
real accounts that are 100% authentic and activated.
– 1000 Real Arabian Twitter followers, who are 100% authentic.
Campaign Execution Time
5 days

With more than 300 million active users per month, the social network Twitter enables business owners and organizations to target a wide range of network users. At Go Message, we offer a variety of effective and professional ways to achieve the goals of each of our customers.

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